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Every wedding is different. We get that.


Your wedding's playlist in 3 simple steps


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Planning it tends to be one of the most stressful. Let Canadian DJ take the stress out of planning the music.


With our specially developed music selection program, we make creating a completely customizable playlist for your wedding easy. It works like this:


  • We email you our latest music catalog.
  • You select the songs you want.
    • In order to make sure that those are the right versions of the songs you want, we email you your YouTube links.
  • We take care of the rest.


What about that one special song?


No matter how complete our list is, there’ll be a few songs you want that we're missing. No problem. Simply email us a YouTube link of the song or songs you need and they will be included in your wedding playlist.


Create your own jam!


We’re able to marry a few songs together so that your first dance as a married couple has a little     bit more of you two put into it. Simply send us the songs you want fused together and we’ll make it happen.


One last thing:


DJ’s often like to talk, sing, or, believe it or not, dance during your wedding. At Canadian DJ, we avoid that entirely. We believe that your wedding is about you, not us. All of this is makes us different.


Choose Canadian DJ to keep your playlist at your wedding on track.


Call us now to book your special day in advance.





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