Complete Entertainment Solutions

“Corporate just threw the best party"


Throwing a party for your corporate event is easy when you’re using our specially developed music selection program. All you need to do is pick the songs you want from our latest music catalog, or have us pick them for you.


3 simple steps for picking music:


  • We email you our latest music catalog.
  • You select the songs you want.
    • In order to make sure that those are the right versions of the songs you want, we email you your YouTube links.
  • We take care of the rest.


Here are just a few of the events we cover:


Conferences & seminars

Some of the most important decisions about your company get made here. Get them in the right mood with the right music.



This kind of event is all about building lasting bonds. You took time planning which games will work best create these bonds. Now take the time to choose the right music to bring it all together.


Product launch

Like a fireworks show without a bang, a product launch without music is missing something. Put some funk in your celebration.


Award ceremonies

The Oscar’s, the Academy Awards, the Tony’s. Every one of these award ceremonies has fantastic music. They’d be incomplete without it. Make sure your ceremony has a top-notch playlist entertaining your honored guests.



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